European Brain Council Code of Practice

Last updated: 16 October 2006


1. The EBC's relationship with its industrial partners and any other potential partners

Relationships between the EBC and its industrial and any other potential partners should be based on equal partnership. Both sides must be prepared to move beyond a situation in which the EBC is the passive recipient of money to one in which the two work together on policy development and on practical initiatives in the interests of all the member organisations.

Each party should remember that successful partnerships are those where both partners gain by making the effort to understand the internal culture and external pressures of the other.

The EC recognises that its industrial partners have to be profitable and have their own commercial agendas to which the EBC is not obliged to conform. Funding will be declined if its application compromises the independence of the EBC in any way.

2. Funding

The EBC will use available funding so long as its independence is not compromised in any way, there is no conflict of interest and as long as the relationship with the funder is totally transparent. Contracts between the parties help in this respect.

The EBC will not participate in relationships designed to give one company a competitive advantage over another and favours the use of funding consortia of two or more companies from the same or other industries.

Joint research initiatives must ensure that independence is not unwittingly eroded.

The EBC accepts funding from its industrial partners when:

The details of EBC funding and its sources are described in the Financial section of its website The EBC expects its funders to adhere to relevant company, national and international codes of conduct, including the publication of their support for the EBC. The EBC regards the Principles for Partnership of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations ( ) as a suitable summary of its expectations in this respect.

3. Product Endorsement

The EBC's name must not be used to imply approval or endorsement of any of the funder's products.

The EBC encourages research into new treatments and the better application of existing therapies. However, it endorses no individual treatment over others.